RED BULL Historic Military
Vehicle Association 

President & Board Members

Officer List for 2021

BOD Member, Position, on BOD

  • The Board of Directors for 2021 are as follows:
  • Eric Thompson   President 
  • Steve Landgraf   Vice President 
  • Shelley Landgraf   Treasure 
  • Rick Opitz   Secretary 
  • Mark Fisher   Events Coordinator 
  • Dave Halseth   General Member
  • Steve Ellis   ended General Member
  • John Varner   MVPA liaison /convoy coordinator

  • ·         Interested in being a Board Member?
              Just send an email to
              in the subject line,  type, name, as shown on current
    member list and your favorite spot to help is a good beginning.

    • ·       John Guerrero    Webmaster/ Website
    • ·       Louie Larson      Assistant Events/ Convoy
    • ·       Gregg Adler        Head of Education

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